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Locking Information

Since mortgage interest rates are constantly changing, Spectrum Credit Union offers members the option of locking in their rate to ensure the rate will not change in the event interest rates go up or down.  This means that the interest rate you lock in will be the same interest rate when your loan closes.

Whether you are refinancing an existing loan or applying for a purchase loan, you can lock in an interest rate after you have:

  • Provided a fully executed purchase and sale agreement on the property you want to buy (if applicable).
  • Received an initial approval on your loan application.

Once you receive an approval, you have the ability to lock online.  You may also confirm current rates, buy-down options, and request a rate lock over the phone by contacting a Real Estate Loan Officer toll-free at 888-750-4124.  Please be advised that you must satisfy all loan approval conditions in a timely manner in order to allow us adequate time to process and fund the loan within the rate lock period.

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